The burning question is will desire be followed or ignored. It is one hell of a ride and a crazy train at that.

Will the wagons roll or will the gates remain locked.


Will She Take His Hand

The dance continues as the music plays and as they circle the question changes, will she take his hand or wait for him to take hers first?

Dancing With A Girl

Been dancing with a girl who makes me smile and makes me frown. Has made me smile more than frown, but won’t lie and say she hasn’t made me crazy at times.

I, of course, haven’t ever done that to her. 🙂

Two Posts In Less Than a Month

This joint makes me laugh sometimes because of the URL. It is sort of an inside joke and if you are not inside, well you are missing out.

Probably shouldn’t harp on that because I don’t really plan on changing it, at least not today. Always possible that I fill you in…maybe in June.

Maybe outside of June.

Kind of like the Hokey Pokey where you put it in and take it out and then shake it…all about.

Good times, huh. 🙂

Still Posting

Some of you keep asking if I am still around and the answer is damn right I am.

Yeah, I haven’t updated in a long while but I am here now and thinking about the best way to share some stories with you.

Thinking about how I wound up taking a spiral staircase up into the sky and made the mistake of getting off on the wrong landing.

Or maybe it is more accurate to say I forgot to mark the exit and got lost in the woods.

Spent a lot of time wandering until I found an elevator that I thought would take me home and discovered it didn’t.

Years later people found me and offered to guide me back to where I had been but I refused because I had already figured out the way back.

But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go or if I was ready, so I didn’t.

Ghosts Are Real

The echoes of the past reach into the present teaching us that ghosts are more real than we once thought.

Or maybe what we call ghosts ought to be called something else.

Rising from the depths of consciousness we return to where we once stood to begin anew.