The Difference Between

I know the difference between dreams, wishes, and realities. Can tell you I have drunk deeply from each and that there have been moments where I lived the dream.

Have tried very hard to get a shot at seeing if that dream I lived ever so briefly could come back.

That is not wishing for a return to the past but for an opportunity for a future. May never come, might not ever get the opportunity. If that is how it goes I’ll figure it out cuz that is what I do.

Some air is sweeter to breathe than other and if that is how it goes, well maybe I’ll be like others and come up with reasons to be angry and maybe I won’t. Can’t say for certain until I am in certain positions.

Ain’t life a dandy experience filled with peachy moments.



Been a whirlwind trip and it is almost over. Trying to sit back and make the most of it. Trying to just enjoy, but a little nervous here and there.

Quick Change

Sitting in the hotel room waiting for the girls to finish their make up, I look out the window and ponder the big questions of my life.

I’d share them now but the bathroom is now free and it’s time to get ready.

It’s a big day and I’m excited.

Step On A Rake

Sometimes you snicker at the thought that a chunky attorney will step on a rake and get smacked in the face…hard.

Or you hope that during his next hunting trip he decides to take a dump out in the bush and accidentally sticks his ass in a cactus that happens to rest upon poison ivy/oak because you’d giggle your ass off at the thought of his dumb redneck ass having to figure out how to deal with that.

You can add all sorts of other ridiculous ideas like hoping he craps blood, gets lice and gets all sorts of unpleasant experiences because his dumb, nosy ass deserves all that and more.

But mostly you like the idea of looking him in the eye and telling him to go fuck himself because you know things he wishes he did.


He couldn’t put his finger on what made the dumb lawyer repulsive to him. It wasn’t just that he stuck his nose where it didn’t belong or that he was among those you would classify as intelligently stupid.

Nor was it his schlatterish manner and approach.

He had no doubt the dummy was trying to get the pants off of a particular woman.

That was probably it.

That was probably what irked him.

That and the dumb look on his face.

It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t right, but that dumb look and his overall manner just chapped his hide.

A slimy Eddie Haskell type thing.

Might have been willing to give him a chance, but the dope thought he was entitled to poke around where he wasn’t invited.

Losers had a way of doing that.

Dumb Lawyers

Looks like a dumb lawyer has been sniffing around where they shouldn’t be sniffing.

Reading posts in places they shouldn’t know about unless they made a lucky guess or were told.

I am rooting for lucky guess because it would be really disappointing if they were told. It is certainly possible I am wrong about the IP address.

I hope that is the case and I am just overreacting because my stress level is somewhere close to nuclear.

Funny thing is that place hardly gets updated so if they were looking for secret information there is nothing recent to find.

But like I said, I might be wrong. It might not be who I think in which case I would have to apologize for jumping.