Snap, crackle Pop

Yesterday I promised to come back and update the fine folks here regarding this post so here I am.

Doc took a look at the X-rays and said she saw new bone knitting. That confirmed there was a minor fracture. Good news is it is mostly healed.

Bad news is the kid is in the brace until next Friday, but he’ll play ball again on Saturday.

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Off To The Doc

Leaving in two minutes to pick up my son and go see his orthopedist. Today we find out if the brace comes off, keeping my fingers crossed.

With some luck he’ll be fine and I’ll get to update this again with positive news.

Three Things

I saw The Phantom Tollbooth movie when I was around 6 or 7. It was the beginning of summer and my mom gave me a dollar and I bought a ticket. Did I mention it was at my elementary school?

Kind of funny to think about how things have changed because now if a parent dropped a young kid off people would have a fit.

Loved the book too, got some great quotes I might use in a post on the other blog. I have been looking for it on Netflix and never found it, but I did notice it is currently on Youtube.

That link works now, but who knows how much longer that will last.

Three Things

The first was mentioning the movie, the second was the book and here comes the third. Several years ago I used to participate in an online writing group in which the moderators offered prompts we were supposed to use to write works of fiction.

I wrote around 35 or 40 posts and published them on two different blogs. Since one of them isn’t self hosted I recently became concerned what might happen to the content there that isn’t backed up.

So I have been moving things over to TheJackB to see that they are saved. Some of the pieces are pretty good and others are…

Anyhoo you can expect to see more of those show up there.

And for those who are still reading something tells me this week is going to mark a turn in my luck.

About That Devil

So the devil on my back decided it would be a good time to really test me and has sent more angry crap flingin’ monkeys my way. For those keeping score this includes the son with the arm in the brace (follow up appointment coming this week) and the son of a guy who was sort of an arch nemesis of mine.

Only this time the father is a pain-in-my ass because his kid is messing with mine. It is part of the normal middle school crap boys go through but unlike my day you don’t have as much leeway in which to smack the other kid.

Got some other crazy in laws and relatives who are just a pain and more to boot but this devil is going to learn I am not having it.

The Devil On My Back

Been a particularly challenging time and it has been hard not to second guess some of the choices I have made. So I have made a point to stop that kind of thinking when it comes because there is no upside to it.

I can’t go back in time. I can only deal with today and what comes afterwards.

But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been frustrated or that there haven’t been moments where it has felt like some devil or demon has jumped on my back and is holding on with all he/she/it has got.

I can’t reach dead center of my back. If there were a real creature there I would slam my body into the wall or throw myself down the stairs. Not the preferred or most pleasant way to remove such things but I work with whatever resources I have at hand.

Of course I find myself being frustrated with the realization that when I say things like this I think about the recovery time. I never used to think twice about such thing. My body did what I asked it to do and if I pushed too hard I paid a price for a day or two and that was it.

Except now the price is much higher than ever before and every day I am made aware that I am not what I once was.

Part of the joy of the journey I suppose.

One of the funnier parts of becoming an adult is realizing that kids who think adults know more are so very wrong. We are all just winging it.