$25,000 From the Universe

I wrote the universe a letter earlier this year asking for $25,000.

“Dear Universe,

If you could find an easy way to make $25 grand show up in my bank account I would be grateful, thankful and appreciative. A million would be even better and ten million even nicer than that, but I would be happy with $25k.

Of course if you are in the mood to negotiate because you can’t find a way to get the million or so I asked for you can find the same broad smile on my face for a cool $250k or even $100k.

But if that doesn’t work I am happy to settle for $25k because that would simplify things for me. Wouldn’t fix all of my problems or enable me to retire but I’d have enough to keep me going long enough to get to the next thing and that would be grand.

Good things are coming for me. Big things are coming for me and you are a part of it.

Just think how good you will feel universe if you help bring those changes about sooner, especially if you are in any way responsible for the things that led to this place today.

Of course I’ll give you credit for that time in the parking lot and that other moment too, but they still pale to the moments and events that took place in between those moments.

But it is fair to say that what was book ended between is why I learned about possibility turning into opportunity and why I think it can happen again.

Go read these:


Been dealing with far too many people who are relying upon their experiences from decades ago to make suggestions and comments about the reality of today.

There are some things that really haven’t changed all that much and times when you can use your experiences as a valid resource but it is not always applicable. Had way too many conversations where people talk to me about communication but their experience is based upon the telegraph and not upon the smartphone/email/text/Internet/Social media world we live in.

And they are clueless about the current job market, just clueless.

Feh on them, tired of being asked to listen to them drone on about what they know nothing about.

Too Busy

It always frustrates me when I am too busy to write and I can’t say it was because I was doing things I enjoyed or because I was earning huge sums of money.

On the other hand today was far better compared to many recent moments so I’ll smile and enjoy the sunshine on my back.

Looked in the mirror and almost recognized the man looking back at me. Think I might enjoy getting to know this one.

Been thinking about the important things in life again and I keep coming to the same conclusions. Don’t have time illustrate or cover it in detail now but I’ll provide a rough synopsis.

When you find people who make you smile, who make you feel loved and valued you hold onto them. You don’t have feel like you are madly, passionately in love all the time, but if you can have that some of the time and know that if rough spots come you are happy to work on overcoming them together you are in good shape.

Every relationship has its challenges. When you know you don’t care if you overcome them it is time to think about who you are spending your time with.

Reading material


Had to bite my lip during a conversation today with clueless people who don’t realize how little they really know. Part of me wants to say they are a big part of why life sucks now but it is not entirely true.

Still enough fits for me to want to scream. This just can’t continue.

Relaxing Music

I listen to all sorts of stuff while I am writing/working. Sometimes it is regular music, sometimes it is an app that plays a rainstorm and sometimes it is these bells.

Most of the time I find them relatively relaxing.

Been writing like a fiend lately, just going wild and have come up with a few posts I think are pretty good. I’ll let share a bunch with you and let you decide which ones I am talking about.

Is Faith A Virtue

I ask myself if faith is a virtue and wonder if it matters if it is or not.

I ask myself if I believe that magical fairy dust is going to rain down upon my head and provide the answers/solutions to the big things that are wreaking havoc now and wonder if it matters.

Because I have done all that I could do to make things happen and it thus far I have seen no answers. I have been to the top of the mountain and the bottom of the sea looking for options and alternatives and they don’t exist or if they do I am blind to them.

And now I look in the mirror and ask the reflection why he continues to mock me but there are no answers. Just words on a page and comments about four minute blog posts.