What We Do Now Echoes In Eternity

I don’t know if this letter is real but one has to wonder if the author has thought about the consequences of being associated with it. Let’s just grab the subheads, shall we:

1. Have sex.

2. Swallow that load

3. Blackout or Back the Fuck Out

4. Live your life by a double standard

No doubt that should garner the sort of spam comments I don’t really want but is this really the sort of thing people want following them around.

Do you really need the kind of notoriety that comes with it. Maybe I am more prudish than I thought but this is the kind of crap that closes more doors than it opens.

A New Look

Decided it was time for a new look here but I haven’t decided what I want things to look like. But since change is as simple as a point and click I figured I’d try something out and see what happened.

This is how things look now. Might leave it, might change it. Might make big changes, might make small changes.

The only guarantee you have is there will be changes and it is up to us to roll with them or fight them, but fighting change rarely helps because no matter what we do change happens.

Ah, The Memories Come Rolling Out

chocolate soup

I’ll probably blog about this at TheJackB, for now this is a placeholder. But in the interim I can tell you I have many memories from the time I spent at Chocolate Soup. Lalos and Ritchie’s Pizza.

So many good times, so many thoughts.

Unwanted Trolls and Assorted Thoughts

One of the challenges of blogging is dealing with the unwanted trolls who show up on your blog and leave obnoxious and offensive comments.

It is part of the reason why I have sometimes changed commenting systems because it provided another tool for dealing with them. Typically I start by denying IP addresses so they can’t visit and then I do the same with the comments.

Most of the time that works but every now and then you find one who is determined to show up anyway. I never can tell if it it is because they want to prove they can, if they are mentally ill or too damn stupid to find a new place to haunt.

But it comes with the territory and it is rarely an issue so I don’t spend much time dealing with it.

In other news I have been thinking about the About Me page on the main blog and how to improve it. Might add a picture or two. haven’t decided, definitely need to review the links and think about whether they are still the ones I want to “represent me.”

Songs Of The Moment

I hear Dire Straits singing The Man’s Too Strong and Dylan’s Wedding Song playing, blending into each other and intermixed with other music.

There is a message here, some sort of meaning I need to pull out of it all. Maybe it is just the fragments of idea for a story to write, but I am ok with that.

Gave myself to writing long ago, the keyboard is the harshest mistress ever demanding and unforgiving there is no give.

But when the write words flow freely, well that is ever so sweet.

I am sure this sounds hokey, ridiculous and so very goofy but that is ok with me. Got a big chunk of a story I called Rolling Thunder that I need to take a look at.

Might rework a few things there, haven’t decided yet.

If you are in need of reading material you might try:

Misunderstood & Lack Of Support

I didn’t think I would reach a time in life where I would feel like I was misunderstood so often and/or lacked support.

And if I did I am confident I would have asked to be given my teenage metabolism back. It is only fair.

Life certainly has its moments. I am sure this will pass but I might be living on a beach by myself before long. :)