Don’t tell the Shmata Queen she still owes me a massage because she’ll deny it but truth is she does. Not just because I took care of her and she didn’t take care of me but because I told her LeBron would retire because of a leg injury.

Hee hee. She is going to tell me she doesn’t believe it but I guarantee she’ll Google it. How do I know?

The same way I know she’ll read this twice.

I Know Still Know Things

I still know things but I am not going to illustrate what they are in this post. Just want to point it out because I can and we all know the meaning behind that. ;)

Felt like sharing more links:

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Worth Thinking About

“For those of you who suggest that the pullout from Gaza nine years ago, and Israel’s subsequent need to take defensive measures has anything to do with revenge, let me take you back in time. There were 14 million dollars worth of hydroponic flower factories, tens of buildings and schools left intact, plans for parks, a railroad, a seaport, an airport, even a zoo — all of these things were left and all these plans were laid for the Gazans to begin the construction of their own state. As you well know, none of it happened and not because of anything Israel did to prevent it from happening.

Did the billions of dollars that were funneled by the US by the EU — and by the State of Israel itself — go straight to developing these wonderful ideas for the future prosperity of newly-Judenrein Gaza? No, in fact they were not. Soon after representatives from Hamas were finished throwing their rivals from Fatah off of the roofs of buildings (and we think political discourse in America is getting rough) the people of Gaza handily elected Hamas, along with their charter calling for the destruction of Israel, to represent them.

Just so we’re all clear about history: the “blockade” didn’t begin until the flower gardens were razed and turned into launching sites, until tunnels were dug and munitions brought in from Iran and Sudan and until the rockets started raining on the Jews in southern Israel. Link


Hamas’s offensive tunnels should not be confused with the burrows it has dug under Gaza’s border with Egypt to smuggle money, consumer goods and military equipment. The newly discovered structures have only one conceivable purpose: to launch attacks inside Israel. Three times in recent days, Hamas fighters emerged from the tunnels in the vicinity of Israeli civilian communities, which they clearly aimed to attack. The ­concrete-lined structures are stocked with materials, such as handcuffs and tranquilizers, that could be used on hostages. Other tunnels in northern Gaza are designed for the storage and firing of missiles at Israeli cities.

The resources devoted by Hamas to this project are staggering, particularly in view of Gaza’s extreme poverty. By one Israeli account, the typical tunnel cost $1 million to build over the course of several years, using tons of concrete desperately needed for civilian housing. By design, many of the tunnels have entrances in the heavily populated Shijaiyah district, where the Israeli offensive has been concentrated. One was found underneath al-Wafa hospital, where Hamas also located a command post and stored weapons, according to Israeli officials. Link

This next bit is unconfirmed but sadly not impossible to imagine

“From the 48 Hamas prisoners that have been captured, the intelligence have been interrogating them and the most terrifying, and horrific picture is being built.

They are being investigated about the many tunnels that have been found and dug under many kibbutzim that surround Gaza. The most terrifying detail is being uncovered that Hamas had a plan to attack all the settlements and kibbutzim in the area this year on Rosh Hashanah with an invasion of over 200 terrorists into almost all the settlements in the area. The tunnels went under the kibbutzim under the kindergartens and dining rooms and other areas within the kibbutz perimeters. They planned to occupy the whole area and kill as many Israeli as possible.

This could have been the worst terror attack in the history of terrorism. Thousands of people, including women and children would have been slaughtered in this planned attack.

I think now we start to understand how dangerous these tunnels really are. They all have to be destroyed and we cannot leave even one undetected or unattended to. These tunnels are more dangerous than any rocket or any other weapon” Link

Something Must Be Working

Got just a moment to touch base, might come back and add to this or write something new but if I don’t…

Frustrated because my left arm is trying to betray me, there is some mystery pain there that only screams when I try to lift more than a few pounds.

Doesn’t matter if I am doing curls or push ups I feel something going on. Been more cautious about it because I wasn’t sure what it was and it has been going on for longer than I care to think.

Hate this part of aging, this should be a couple  moments of discomfort and then it should go away. Going to see what happens and then I am going to push it and see if I can work the kink out.

Got good news though, these shorts around my waist will need a belt soon because they are falling off. Can’t tell you how much I have loss other than it is not enough to make me feel like it is time to stop but it is enough to notice.

Small victories add up.

A Sleepover Party

Late this afternoon my house will be overrun by a bunch of 10 and 11 year old girls.

They are coming for a slumber party to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. I am sort of dreading it which is funny because as a kid I loved these parties but as an adult they wear me out.